One Simple Question…

Why Buy


Well, here’s the short version:

1) You Support Small Business

2) You Like Cool Clothes

3) You LOVE That A Portion of Proceeds Go To Charity

4) You’re A Good Human & You Want To Encourage Others to Be Good, Too!


Annnd, here’s the long, slightly sappy, slightly snarky version…

Wait! Let me backtrack a moment and say hello. I’m Melly & I started this little one woman show in mid-2016, thanks to the encouragement & support of my wonderful (and really tolerant) husband. I began a new phase of my life in 2014 as an indie published author of  (now) several children’s books & a few novels, too. Much of what I write has an underlying (or very obvious) theme: being a good human, doing the right thing, living with integrity and joy…and the like. At 45, I can say I’m living the dream (well, my dream, at least!) and I want to share and spread this happiness and contentment through whatever medium I can.

Okay, here’s the thing:

If you’re at all like me, you’ve experienced frustration and disappointment at the widespread apathy, hate, and unkindness going on in the world & you have a desire to make a difference. I know I’ve felt deeply affected, and so I kept thinking, “Why is it so hard for people to just be good humans? I mean, how hard can that be?! You just…

“do good. be good. be a #goodhuman.”

BOOM. Simple, right? I’ve also spent a lot of time thinking about living my life with purpose- having purpose & contributing something to the world, however small it may be. That phrase…

“do good. be good. be a #goodhuman…”

stuck in my head on repeat, and suddenly I thought, ‘That’s my purpose.” I want- no, I need to put this message out into the universe. So, I jumped head first into finding a way(s) to do so. It didn’t (and still doesn’t) matter to me that I’m just one person, working from my laptop on my kitchen table & I may not reach many people, it matters that I try. This is, basically, how #goodhuman was born! 

BUT It Wasn’t Enough…

Being a #goodhuman can’t just be about throwing some slogans on a t-shirt and calling it a day, it has to mean more. So… I found a company that could not only print my designs, but also allow me to designate a portion of the proceeds of any sales to go directly to charity. WHAT!  I get to be creative AND philanthropic?! PERFECT!


Here are some of the charities that will benefit from your purchases (look for the Verified Charity Symbol):
click link for tee



+many more… and that’s JUST the beginning! As we add new designs, we also add new charities.

By the way…

We take requests! Yes, really, we do. If you have a group/organization or a cause you’d like #goodhuman to design for, send us a message! We have a minimum order of 12 shirts for special requests & need 3 weeks notice. *Rush orders are available with conditions.